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Professional Proofreading / Copyediting
"Let this perfectionist make your work its very best!"

My name is George C. Ritz and I would like to introduce you to
G-Help Proofreading, a professional Proofreading / Copyediting service.

This is George  

I purposely kept my website simple, but I am not a simple proofreader. I am the pickiest proofreader around -- I will find minor details and inconsistencies that other proofers simply do not see. If you want this highest level of refinement for your final product, I am the one to help you. Please see the testimonials below.

GET YOUR FREE G-HELP RULER!!! I created a special ruler. Not only can it measure distances of up to one foot, but it alerts you to 56 problematic word pairs. This ruler will put you on guard to avoid what I call "spell check errors". The words in each pair are spelled similarly, such as ORDNANCE and ORDINANCE. Each word is spelled correctly, but they have totally different meanings. Spell check software won't help you with that -- and such misuse will make it appear that you and your written words are below fare** and maybe even pore**. Then you might feel as if you are a young student who is in morning** as he heads down the hallway to speak to the principle**.
(** -- Correct words are: fair, poor, mourning, principal.)
To receive your G-Help ruler, plus two of my business cards, simply e-mail me your postal address. There is absolutely no obligation.

WHO needs professional proofreading?

- Businesses: Advertisements, brochures, catalogs, contracts, websites, maps, lists, signs, business correspondence, business cards, etc.

- Authors: Manuscripts, query letters, book proposals, etc.

- Copywriters: Text feedback.

- Graphic Designers: Text and style feedback.

- Individuals: Resumes, family newsletters, official correspondence, etc.

- Students: Theses, homework, reports, projects, college applications, etc.

WHAT is proofreading and copyediting?

Proofreading is the art of finding misspellings, typographical errors,  punctuation errors, and formatting inconsistencies. It is also comparing two documents for uniformity.

Copyediting involves more, such as grammar, word usage, capitalization, word breaks, tone, and format.

My services combine both proofreading and copyediting skills, providing a very reasonable rate and great value for your wide range of needs.

WHY professional proofreading?

Proofreading one's own work is very difficult and risky. You may read over your errors repeatedly and not catch them because you are the source of the errors! Having friends or colleagues check your work is better, but it still falls far short of what a professional proofreader will find.

Computer spell checkers only check for spelling and not if the proper word is used. Computers do not know the difference between “you” and “your.”


Take advantage of my perfectionism and “eagle eye” to make your work look as clean and professional as possible. Clarity of communication is THE most important aspect of the written word. Minor details such as spacing also matter. It ALL matters if you want to have the look of a Fortune 500 company. All of my clients are always surprised at the number of corrections and suggestions that I make.

I am not the stereotypical proofer, typically the one-dimensional English major with a limited knowledge base outside of the grammar world. My background is mostly science and math. I have two B.S. degrees from Michigan State University. One degree is in Veterinary Science and the other is in Packaging Engineering.

My wide range of knowledge and “age wisdom” will work to benefit my clients.

I know a lot about some topics (like sports), but more importantly, I know a little about many topics. This "Trivial Pursuit" knowledge often allows me to catch FACTUAL errors in the work I am proofreading. If it does not look right to me, I will check the accuracy of what is being said, and correct it, if necessary. This "Factual Check" is a key advantage that I have over many other proofreaders -- and you, the client, benefit!


"George is extremely thorough, meticulous, and committed to perfection in every aspect of a project.  Calling him a proofreader or editor is a bit of a misnomer as he doesn't just look for grammar and punctuation.  George goes the distance to check that numbers add up, that a table of contents refers to the correct pages, that language and terminology is used consistently throughout a document, and uses countless other methods to find errors your average editor would miss.  Working with George we've not only saved our company embarrassment and financial loss but we've learned how to approach the development of our marketing collateral with better planning, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail.  However, no matter how hard we work for perfection George will always find ways to improve our project from the smallest detail to the biggest glaring error.  George is an outstanding partner whose unbiased look at our work makes us stand out from the crowd."
-------- Erin Woodell, Coordinator of Marketing & Public Relations, Maricopa Skill Center, Phoenix, Arizona  

"Although he doesn't work at our office, George Ritz has become an important member of our production team. His proofreading and editing skills are exceptional and he brings a level of creativity and insight to the task that we have not seen with other proofreaders. We send our work to press with complete confidence that it is error-free after it has been reviewed and approved by G-Help Proofreading."
-------- Eric Junker, Founder and CCO, Wagner/Junker Agency, Los Angeles, California   WJAgency.com

"As an author of a bi-monthly newsletter and two books, I have utilized George Ritz to filter and polish my work for over two years. Although I am a perfectionist by nature, and I don't send anything to him that I don't think is very clean and perfectly stated, I'm amazed at what he finds due to his passion for perfection. Today, nothing of consequence leaves my office without his 'okay'. George is a writer's best friend."
-------- Steve Meisenheimer, Meisenheimer Inc., Phoenix, Arizona   MeisenheimerInc.com

" 'Eagle Eye' George has been a great help to Fairytale Brownies. He is very thorough and professional. He often goes 'above and beyond' what we ask him to do and will take the initiative to cross-reference our catalog, website, product packaging, and even our phone system!"
-------- Julie G., Fairytale Brownies, Phoenix, Arizona   brownies.com

"No matter how many times you read your own writing, you'll never catch all the mistakes. George corrected errors I never would have found in a hundred years. His prices are fair and his work is superb. Don't even think of submitting your writing until he proofreads it with his eagle eye!"
-------- Larry Schwarz, Hightstown, New Jersey   hatsofftolarry.com

"George at G-Help did an outstanding job proofreading my book manuscript. He found more than 100 mistakes that had been missed by two other professional proofreaders and a dozen passes with spellcheckers and grammar-correction software. He is absolutely meticulous!"
-------- Allen Eastman, author of "Alive 5 times", Scottsdale, Arizona  

"You have an amazing skill for finding all the glitches. Thanks!"
-------- Glenn Hamp, Renaissance Networks, Tempe, Arizona  

"I was in the process of creating my company brochure and needed someone to help me proofread the text. George was able to look it over and make both grammatical and punctuation corrections. He also helped with word choice, and was able to help me get my message across in a clear, concise, and powerful manner. I would highly recommend him, based on his timeliness, affordability, courtesy, and knowledge. I will use him again for my website!"
-------- Ria Robles, Red Star Resources, Chandler, Arizona  

"Looking back, if we had not used your services, we would have sent to print a brochure that included multiple misspellings, grammatical errors, inconsistencies in font size, and numerous omissions. The small fee for your services turned out saving us a tremendous amount of time and money. Our cards and brochures ended up costing us over $950.00, all that money would have been wasted; it would have been very embarrassing and would have presented a very unprofessional image to potential customers, should the changes not been made."
-------- Mark A. Crashell, Peace-of-Mind Video, Glendale, Arizona  

"A gigantic 'thank you' for the wonderful and professional proofreading work you recently did. Even though I hired a professional web builder, I soon realized that most of us need professional proofreading services. Both my web builder and myself had 'checked and double checked' for any misspelled words or incorrectly used punctuation, however, once having a professional like yourself take over, you were able to find several small (but yet critical) mistakes. I truly believe that the first impression ... is the lifelong impression that customer has of your company. You make a wonderful first impression, and because of your perfectionism, I too, make a good first impression...."
-------- Nancy V., Floral Inspirations by nancy, Phoenix, Arizona  

Former Member -- Arizona Small Business Association, 2003-2018   asba.com


I charge $50 per hour for my service, which includes proofreading, copyediting, and any factual corrections that I may notice. I do not charge different amounts for those various services, since I perform all three services for each and every client.  Methods of payment include checks, cash, and money orders. Also, via PayPal, you can use your bank card or your credit card: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover.
I will send you an e-mail invoice so that you can submit payment securely by using PayPal. You do not even have to be a member of PayPal to use this convenient and safe service.


If you or someone you know may have a need for professional proofreading, please give me a call or send me an e-mail. I will work on 2-3 representative pages of your larger project -- for no obligation -- in order to get a fair time estimate of the total job and also give you a great chance to see my perfectionist skills! Everyone eventually has a need (whether aware of the need or not!) for professional proofreading.

I know that, when I am a potential customer, if I see even one error in a brochure, advertisement, or website, I immediately begin to doubt that business. If a business demonstrates sloppiness and carelessness in their correspondence, it is an overall indicator of the level of the quality of service the customer will receive. I will make sure that your material gives your potential customers confidence in you and that it is THE BEST IT CAN BE!


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